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Nick France

Nick France

Hi, I’m Nick France. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised on Long Island. I’ve been an artist literally all my life. Creating art has always been a major part of my life, even when I had a stint as a professional ballroom dancer – that was my creative outlet at the time. However, advertising has a way of staying with you. Once an ad-man, always an ad-man.  I moved to the Tampa Bay area in 1989, where I met my wife and now have four wonderful children.

I’ve been a professional in the fine art and graphic design fields since 1978, starting as a paste up artist (when you actually needed a knife and rubber cement to cut and paste) and later designing advertising layouts, managing print production, creating traditional as well as computer illustrations, web graphics and web pages. I consider myself, above all, a front-end engineer and a web designer.

After almost 19 years, I retired from TECO, a utility in Tampa, Florida as the Supervisor of the Multimedia Design Group in Corporate Communications. I considered myself to be among the luckiest of designers in the Tampa Bay area because I had one of the premier positions in town, and I knew it. I’m very blessed and I worked hard to stay there, each and every day. I have a saying that I live by; “When you’re ripe, you rot, and when you’re green, you grow.” I’ve been saying it for years, it seems now everyone wants to be green, these days.

I now make myself available on a full-time basis for the right project as Nick France Design.  I do projects for both non-profit organizations and small businesses.

I’m self-organized and able to manage deadlines and production scheduling on numerous, concurrent projects. My additional abilities include maintaining an awareness of current trends in advertising, popular culture, social media and technical developments. I strive for improvement, and positivity embodying a commitment to open, innovative, and entrepreneurial culture.

I understand marketing objectives, as well as cost and production constraints. My job, as I see it, is to create compelling visual communications based upon marketing objectives, ensuring that the creative intent is not diluted or changed.

Nick France’s Certifications:

Nick France Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Photoshop

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Photoshop CS

Nick France Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Illustrator CS2

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Illustrator CS2

WOW Certified Professional Web Designer (CPWDS)

WOW Certified Professional Web Designer (CPWDS)

Nick France successfully completed the Basic SEO course!
HootSuite Certified Professional

HootSuite Certified Professional

ADA Compliance Certification
Siteimprove – Technical Accessibility Certification Course