Web design has clearly undergone significant changes over the years. I first started designing websites back in 1996. Things were quite different in those days and the web has come a very long way since then. For many years, when I would build a website, I would consult with the client, ascertain demographic information, and through consultation, understand the client’s business needs. I would then devise a navigation scheme based on an understanding of the content, I would establish a look/feel derived from this information and deliver a website, and little else.

To be honest, I did very little for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Oh I added some meta tags for SEO and advised the client to write for the web, but not much more. Today I still do all those things, however it doesn’t end there. If it ended there, I would be doing my client a disservice.

Our Web Design Approach Today

our aproach
Today we do things much differently. We approach the web design process on three distinct, yet connected disciplines: Content, Search, and Social. We have a different perspective on what we call success for a website these days, and it’s based around your ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), how well your customer engages with you socially, and how that results into conversions, whatever a conversion means for your business or organization. We believe this all hinges around your content.

Web Design and Content

You’ve all heard the phrase, “Content is king,” well that’s never been truer than today. Nothing drives the success of your website more than content. It drives your messaging, it determines how well you rank on Google, and it determines how well you engage through Social Media channels.

The important thing to understand and remember is that content alone is useless without search and social working together. Search is nothing without connecting content and social. And Social is useless without content and search. Although content is king, it must be used in concert with search and social to be effective. They are intertwined and need each other as a package.

Web Design SEO and Social Media

Using specific tools, we can determine the most effective way to use keywords to achieve the proper keyword placement, keyword-density-percentage, the proper word-count, Meta descriptions and much more to achieve a high SEO score for all your copy/content.

In addition, we can create a social media strategy to optimize social engagement to foster a relationship with your customers and promote trust, thought leadership and most importantly, confidence in your company, so when your customer is ready to buy, they’ll come to the one they trust – you. Tying this all together once again, the better your content on your social media channels, the better your engagement will be and the more inbound links you’ll have going to your website and thus, higher SERPs in Google.

We can even create the content for you, if resources are an issue, or if you rather just leave it in the hands of professional content creators. There’s a couple caveats to that and let me qualify it by saying, we’ll only create content for one company per industry so there’s not a conflict of interest on our part, and your content must be a good fit for our writers.

Web Design: The New-School Approach

No, it’s not enough to create a website, hand you the keys and wave goodbye. It’s much more than that, these days. That’s the old-school approach. We prefer the new-school approach. If you’re contemplating a website for your startup or a redesign for an existing website and you’re dealing with a design firm that’s not advocating this approach, you may want to reevaluate your options. I know I would. There’s one sure-fire way to achieve success for your website and your bottom line and we’re convinced it’s through content marketing. Content marketing, in conjunction with a little traditional advertising, can accomplish a great deal of good for your company. Contact us to learn more about this new-school approach to web design; we love to discuss this stuff.